2015 Greenridge Eichler Home Sales in Review

2015 Greenridge Eichler Home Sales in Review

2015 will go down in the books as one of the most incredible years for Eichler home sales in Greenridge, if not ever.  We seemed to break records with every sale including 7 sales over $1 million, with 5863 Greenridge closing for $1,130,000, and the last sale of the year at 18511 Mountain Lane closing for a jaw dropping $1,285,000, shattering all records for any Eichler ever sold in the East Bay.  Greenridge, which historically was once more similar in closed prices to Oakland and slightly behind Walnut Creek, is now the premier Eichler neighborhood in all the East Bay, and the numbers prove it. 

As you’ll see below, there were 9 homes sold in the calendar year in Greenridge with closed sales prices ranging from $940,000 to $1,285,000.  To put this in perspective, the highest sales price in 2014 was $900,000 for an amazing Eichler with a view and pool at 5664 Greenridge, or $40,000 less than the lowest sale of 2015, and $385,000 less than the highest.  The average list price for the closed properties was $963,944 with an average sales price of $1,050,111 or roughly 9% over asking price, and the average price per square foot when sold was $541.78.  I was extremely fortunate to list 7 of the 9 properties in 2015, which all received multiple offers on their offer dates, as well as to orchestrate the off-market sale of an eighth, 5694 Greenridge.  These homes are in bold for your consideration, and all the websites for their marketing campaigns are currently active (with the exception of 5694 Greenridge) by typing in the address and .com, for example 5890Greenridge.com or 18511Mountain.com. 


Address                             Listing Date        Closed Date               Asking Price          Closed Price

5494 Greenridge              Feb 26, 2015       April 2, 2015               $885,000                $940,000

5890 Greenridge              April 16, 2015     May 19, 2015              $825,000                $1,025,000

5694 Greenridge*            April 27, 2015      May 22, 2015              $950,000                $985,000

5722 Greenridge              June 18, 2015     July 30, 2015               $900,000                $1,013,000

5863 Greenridge              Aug 6, 2015        Sep 17, 2015                $1,000,000             $1,130,000

5894 Highwood                Aug 20, 2015      Oct 8, 2015                  $1,000,000             $1,030,000

5808 Greenridge              Aug 26, 2015      Oct 20, 2015                $965,950                $1,018,000

5366 Crown Court            Sept 10, 2015      Oct 28, 2015                $1,000,000             $1,025,000

18511 Mountain               Nov 5, 2015         Dec 18, 2015               $1,150,000             $1,285,000

*off-market sale

Please feel free to call or email me with any real estate questions including how to make your home more valuable, and what potential buyers are looking for. To request a full copy of this report which includes more in-depth analysis of the market, please email me at thomaswestfall@apr.com.

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