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Hello everyone, we are doing a special twilight showing tonight, November 7th at 18407 Cotton Court from 4:30 to 6:30 with wine and cheese! I also want to thank all the friends and neighbors who came to see Cotton Court last weekend, and let you know I appreciate the support.  Besides tonight's showing, we will also be doing the final open houses before our offer date this Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 to 5:30.  I know the times are atypical, but I'm hoping to catch a little bit of the sunset. Please also visit www.18407cotton.com if you haven't had a chance to visit the website.

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I know the phrase "once in a lifetime opportunity" is overused, and I have never made this statement in my Real Estate career.  However, I think it's time to make this statement because I do have one of the most amazing properties in all of Greenridge coming on the market on October 30th. 18407 Cotton Court truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity and arguably one of the top 5 lots in all of Greenridge. Besides being an awesome Eichler, it has 3 of the most desirable criteria for any homeowner.  1, it has a ridiculous panoramic view of the Bay. 2, it has a large, 27,000 square foot lot that's totally usable.  3, it's located on a Court, and off of Highwood, so you will have little if any traffic.  If it was up to me, we'd buy the place and sell our home, that's how special I believe this property is!  Mark your calendar, because our first open house weekend will be November 2nd and 3rd from 1 to 4pm. Hope to see you there and more details coming soon!

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5695 is Pending!

It has been a busy Summer here on the hill and my apologies for not updating sooner.  5695 Greenridge is pending and scheduled to close on October 4th. I am still showing the property for anyone interested in a submitting a backup offer, or for anyone just curious in seeing an example of an awesome Eichler.  Thanks also to all the neighborhood support too, it's always great to get the neighborhood support.

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It's amazing how we didn't have a single Eichler available in Greenridge for almost 9 months and now we have our third listing in the neighborhood in the last 6 weeks!!  Is it contagious, or just coincidence?  Regardless, increased inventory means more opportunities for buyers and I'm hoping to see some new as well as familiar faces this weekend at the first open houses on Saturday and Sunday from 1PM to 4PM.  5695 Greenridge is going to resonate with the Eichler-purist with a lot of original features still intact including gorgeous mahogany throughout the home.  Website will be up no later than tomorrow so please visit www.5695Greenridge.com when you have a moment.

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Greenridge Real Estate Update

The year started slowly, but the last couple of months have made up for lull in the Eichler market in Castro Valley.  On August 12th, not 1, but 2 Eichler homes in the neighborhood were sold and 2 weeks later a bank owned property at 5638 Greenridge came on the market.   5638 received multiple offers and is already in contract.  Since then, 2 more listings have come on the market, one at 5288 Crown Court and the other at 5941 Highwood, which you may remember from earlier this year.  If you saw Highwood before, you should see it again because a lot of work has been done to finish the home and make it much more livable.  It may not be for the Eichler purist, but it does have a lot of the original aesthetics and it’s on a great block.


Needless to say, Greenridge is closing on a very active note in 2011 and it’s understandable.  We live in a very desirable neighborhood and there’s a lot of value currently in the market.  Combine value with the ridiculously low interest rates and you have more buyers than sellers.  This was obvious with the activity at 5638 Greenridge which received multiple offers, and I expect the market to remain so until further notice.



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