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What a difference a door makes…

I want to start this post by saying that I have a massive respect for the integrity of the Eichler home and love properties in original condition.  However, I am also practical and realize that a home needs to accommodate life in the 21st as well as the fact that things just wear out over time. 

I’ve noticed 2 distinct styles of closet doors in the Greenridge neighborhood that I believe define a natural progression in Eichler evolution.  The homes built first in from 1960 to 1962 tend to have the tri-panel doors with a wicker or straw like material with wood trim.  While the homes built later in 1963 (mostly non-flat roof home) have a single burlap panel with metal trim and rails.

When our home had the floors redone, the previous owners neglected to reattach the guide rails so the doors hung flimsily and awkwardly.  They also were the victims of the owners before them having teenage boys full of angst and unfortunately taking puberty out on the doors.  If you look closely, you will notice what appears to be a punch mark.  The condition of the doors made us decide to put in new doors and we had an idea that we thought would be respectful to the Eichler home.

Being in real estate, I’m fortunate to see a lot of homes and benchmark ideas about remodeling.  Recently, I came across some closet doors from the sliding door company that I thought would be perfect for an Eichler home and anyone considering an upgrade or sensible remodel.  As you can see by the photos, they add a dramatic difference, yet compliment the original design with a clean and precise aesthetic.  Andria and I couldn’t be happier and feel strongly about adding value to our property.  Please visit www.theslidingdoorco.com for more information, ideas, and styles. 

Before & after photos:

















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