On the community website is a list of dates of meetings and the upcoming picnic at the park for everyone who lives in the Greater Canyon area.  Steven Kolden has posted this memory of his 42 years living here.

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  • Thanks for posting the link Sylvia! I saw mention of this article in the newsletter, but hadn't had a chance to read it yet. Some wonderful stories Steven shares about our neighborhood!
  • Steven-

    What a wonderful and fond description of Greenridge this is! You seemed to have had a great time playing in all the different places afforded to you by the undeveloped surrounding areas. I especially loved your description of "the triangle" where you tell of it having several trees, and how you and your friends played in them. I never got to see it like that. I would love to see the triangle restored to a "natural" design once again.

    I've only been here 29 years, but have happy memories of feeling I "owned the world" when I stood in my front yard to hand water at night. There were few cars on Greenridge at night then, and the hills were dark and quiet all around. It was a joy seeing the moon rise over the eastern hills on occasion, or to see the fog moving in from the bay in the west. Sometimes a deer would wander up the sidewalk, then stroll into someone's yard. There were the skunks, possums, raccoons and owls too.We really are lucky to live in such a unique neighborhood.
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