CHP on Greenridge Road

Hi, Everyone:


I just wanted to note, in case you hadn't noticed, that the CHP has been very busy on our street today. In the last hour in front of our house alone at least two cars have been pulled over for speeding. Makes me happy, for sure, as our street is constantly plagued not only by speeding vehicles but also other, more blatant, forms of reckless and dangerous driving. Nice to know that the "Speed Checked By Radar" signs are not completely false. Has there been any lobbying or other advocation for electronic speed signs or traffic bumps?


Hope all's well with everyone.


Oh, by the way, I found my wedding ring while doing some yard work!



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  • Woo-hoo!!  Great news about your wedding ring, Mark.  And yes, we've noticed the increased CHP presence up here.  Thomas spoke to one of them a couple of weeks ago who was parked up here for something else entirely, and suggested they increase presence to stop the speeders - as someone conveniently went blasting by them to demonstrate!


    re: speed bumps, it's been a topic of conversation at a few of the board meetings and has been broached in the past. Apparently there's some reason they won't do speed bumps per se (emergency vehicles, etc.), but there is a new "speed table" (like a platform-style thing) that might work for us instead. I think the cost associated may be a bit of a blocker, but we'll all continue to discuss the options and pursue.  Happy Memorial Day weekend! Andria

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