Have you noticed the improvement at the entrance to Greenridge? The weeds are gone in the large triangle and the wall and sidewalk on the east side have been cleared. So who's responsible for thisbeautification effort? The county? Elves? No, it was your friendly neighborsJerry Caufield, Dick Eandi and myself. And today we began clearing a portion ofthe sidewalk on the west side. Imagine being able to walk all the way up thehill without having to step off the curb. Dick also took a weed whacker to theoffenders in the space bordering CrowCanyon. We would like to keep atthis until we have cleared the entire public area. Then maybe we can get someaction on relandscaping the triangle. If you have an hour or two that you candevote to the cause, we would appreciate the help. We could really get thisdone in a hurry if a few more people pitched in. Call me at 363-8553 fordetails.

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  • Thanks Barbara and Dick - I just got an email from someone asking who did this work and wanting to help. I'll send her your way!
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