Metal Detector Needed

Hello, Everyone:


I hope you're staying warm and dry. Looks like rain will be visited upon us through the next week!


The cold weather has contributed to a regrettable incident: while in our garden, my wedding band flew off my hand (everything shrinks in the cold, right?!), hit the pavement, and rolled into a planting area. What makes this so difficult is 1) I had sawdust in my eyes, so I couldn't see where it went; 2) I was wearing a thick hat which covered my ears, so I couldn't hear where it hit the ground; and 3) fallen leaves, being everywhere, have neutralized my search efforts. So far, the kids and I have only found a couple of salamanders--not a bad thing, of course, but I think it's time for a high-tech solution.


Would anyone in the community be willing to lend a metal detector and operational expertise to scan a finite area of our garden for my wedding ring? I'd be pleased to offer a lunch and/or drink, or a simple monetary reward, for your efforts. Many thanks for your consideration.


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year,




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  • Hi Mark,

    You mentioned that you had sawdust in your eyes. Were you working outside with power tools and wood pieces? If so, the ring might be closer than you think: in the wood pile / pieces / planks... or in the vicinity where the power tool was stationed. Also, if you carried the wood from one area to another, search in these areas.

    Finally, I would plant some woodspikes in the ground to form a quadrillage (squares) and work methodically through each square, without disturbing much around you. Tiny bamboo rakes work beautifully.

    This is how we found the engagement ring of a friend at the beach. Need a search party?


    • Great suggestions, Sophie, thank you. I will indeed use the search grid technique to find my ring. Despite my attempts to be thorough and conscientious with my rummaging through the leaf litter and mulch, I'm left with the realization that it's just thorough and conscientious randomness!


      Have a happy new year. I'll report back with a story of success!--MY

  • Hey Mark - Oh no!!  Wish we had one to offer. Hope you find it... Andria

    • Thanks, Andria. With the busy holiday schedule I haven't had time to continue my search! Looks like I'll be able to resume this week. I wish you and Thomas a happy new year!--MY
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