Missing Cat - Young Male Tuxedo

Greenridge Association Neighbors:Please keep an eye out for a friendly tuxedo cat - a young unneutered male accustomed to outdoors. We just adopted him from a rescue group and were keeping him isolated from our other pets until we could get him tested for feline leukemia Monday morning. We had him in a bedroom with the window open about 6 inches for fresh air and he managed to tear through the screen sometime during the night last night.We live on upper Highwood, so close neighbors may be most likely to see him. He had been seen around my husband's work building in Milpitas for the past couple of months, so was likely abandoned fairly young and has been outdoors on his own (not feral) until we brought him home on Friday.The only photo we have is grainy, but gives a sense of him.Please call us if you spot him! Thanks so much!Ellen Rinehart - 415-308-9728Eric Bohr - 510-432-9729

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  • Thanks to our very helpful neighbors and one saint of a jogger, Jennifer Oliver, we have our cat back. This website and neighborhood email list gets the credit, because that is why Jennifer knew to help get him back to us!!

    She called last night around 8 to say she would be running that circuit again and would wear long sleeves (for claw protection) and bring him right to our door if she found him. Jax made an appearance on her 4th lap around the Greenridge-Lomond-Highwood loop. Thankfully, she likes a long run!! This time she scooped him up and brought him right to our door. He was a bit freaked and she, a bit scratched, but all is right with the world from our perspective.

    We can't thank our many neighbors enough for the good suggestions and eagerness to keep a lookout for us. We hope we can do the same for you if ever anyone else needs a hand.

    A very happy ending for us and little Jax!
      K and Mike
    • Wonderful - so glad you got him back - thanks for letting us know! Andria
  • Thanks, Peter.

    We actually had a call from someone from the neighborhood who was out jogging last night and saw him on Highwood a few houses down from Lomond. He let her pick him up and carry him to the nearest house to ask for help keeping him confined until she could get home and call us. Unfortunately that neighbor was unwilling to take him into the house, so she put him down, jogged home and called us. She then drove back up and met us to show us where he had been. We spent a few hours last night and again this morning parked there hoping he would come out again, to no avail.

    At least we know he is still close by and will approach strangers, so we're much more hopeful we'll get him back.

    In the meantime, yes, we continue to see the many tux cats, but none have an all black face like ours. Thanks again! I will post again WHEN (not if) we get him back home!
  • Hi Ellen:

    I don't have news of your missing cat, but I do want to point out that I've seen another tuxedo cat around my house (I live closer to the bottom of the hill). Because I last saw the other tux kitty about two weeks ago, I'm sure it's not your tux kitty. But just wanted to let you know to help you filter out false alarms.

    Good luck with your missing tux.

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