• Jinal and Neighbors,

    I recently installed both solar electric (house) and solar thermal (pool) and after 40+ years of PG&E bills averaging $300+ per month, my last bill (July) was $76.14. From here on out, I will no longer receive electric bills until end of year, so I won't have data to add to the survey until this time next year, but if this is any indication of efficiency and lowering of monthly costs, I am delighted. Yvonne Daniel
    • Thanks Yvonne.

      This is great info. Can you share how much was the ballpark expense to install Solar Electric for your house?

      • Hi Jinal, Chris Cahill, and Greenridge friends,
        The ballpark cost for solar thermal and electric for the 5-bedroom Greenridge model was $26-28,000.00, but there were quotes up to $70,000.00. I think the pool by itself (thermal) was originally estimated at $6,000. Hope that helps.
        Regarding the recommendation, Chris, this is always hard because although I had great confidence in my guys originally, I am still trying to get things finalized --after 4-5 months, depending on how we count. My particular circumstances play into the deal, but I have been disappointed with this part and until it is absolutely finished, I can't give a name. I must say that with 3 separate teams working on lots of projects on my home, the best was Eichler Solutions for windows and glass- Sergeiy was outstanding and far superior to everyone else (among diverse types of work teams).
        Best wishes and again, I hope this helps others, Yvonne (Daniel)
    • WOW Yvonne - that's fantastic info re: the solar savings. I had no idea it could be that great a difference; I know it still takes some time to make up for the installation costs, but this certainly is an incentive to take a harder look at getting it done. Andria
  • Thank you for setting up this survey, Andrea. You might ask if people have installed a foam roof and if it makes any difference.
  • Hi folks - thanks to those of you who took the survey. If you haven't yet, please do - I will monitor it periodically and update this information as we get more data. In the meantime, here's the recap of results so far.

    * No one who responded has solar panels nor central air.
    * 20% had double-pane windows but their bills (surprisingly) were not significantly different from the rest of us.

    Here's a chart showing how we're all faring on the PG&E bill front:

  • Hello Jinal,
    I am happy to share my pg&e bills with you for the past 2 years, since I have been contemplating solar additions and I had to get all the yearly costs. I will put a copy in your mailbox and we can talk any afternoon or evening.
    Best wishes on the new one, Yvonne Daniel
  • I'm sure many people are not comfortable answering this question on a public forum, but I'm also sure many of us are curious about the same thing! So I've created a short anonymous survey here - please take a moment to fill this out so we can get an aggregate answer for Jinal and anyone else who's interested. Thanks! Andria
    • Sorry I am just joining this discussion - I just filled out the survey... One note: It's important to separate the electric part of the bill vs. gas....

      I am also looking into neighborhood solar options though at this time I will not be able to do solar for our house until late next year at the earliest...

      Thx andria for the survey and posting the results!
    • I just completed this survey and would love to see the results when you have them.
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