Sliding Garage Door restoration?

Hi Greenridge Eichler neighbors,

We've been here for nearly two and a half years now. We gave birth to our son Vincent 2 weeks after we moved in so he has taken priority over most house projects. Now that I have a little more bandwidth to deal with the house I've been researching Eichler sliding garage door experts. I found a place in Belmont who said they would come out and give me an estimate. They say they came by, they say they rang the bell, and that they even called, but for some reason they didn't leave a note—or even look at the doors they came out to inspect. After I called them they said they were to busy to come out again and that they would call me—right—I never heard from them again.

I'd like to improve the existing sliding doors (if possible) so they fit better, seal out the weather and small animals, and add electric openers. Can anyone recommend a professional person or company with Eichler sliding door experience? 

Please let me know!


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