We must have had a swarm of termites recently. I have started finding termite wings in the garage. I looked on the forums but I couldn't find anything here on termite control or inspection. Anyone had termite inspection or control work done recently?

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  • No, after I stopped seeing wings on the car in the garage I stopped thinking about it.

    Will re-look at it in the spring.

  • I just found a termite flying around in my living room! Your message is almost a year ago. Do they swarm this time of year? Did you find anything out about termite control or inspection?
  • Yikes! In the garage? Our neighbor had a little mud "tunnel" from his floor up to the top of his garage house door frame inside the garage. Termites don't like light, so they make the protective tunnel. The neighbor had professionals deal with that as it would mean the termites could be in the structure. You might want to check all around the foundation in your garage to be sure there are none of the tunnels from the floor up into the walls. We check the perimeter of the the house outside at the foundation for the tunnels that indicate termites attempting to get into the structure. If we find any, we destroy the tunnels, and drench the area with a pesticide that is available retail and designed specifically for termites. Having a slab is a benefit in this situation because it forces the termites to make the tunnels, which are very visible. You can also call a professional to inspect your home, and treat any termite infestation located. Hope this is helpful for you.
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